Q-Smart Business

Basic Smart Business Management processes in an integrated platform

The Starting Point . . .

Q-Smart Business Process Manager

Q-Smart Business Process Management is where your business process definitions and diagrams, roles, responsibilities, process inputs outputs are defined. This provides a clear view of all project and business processes with an accurate track progress.

Q-Smart Continuous Improvement Manager

Q-Smart Continuous Improvement is the process where non-conformances are identified, defined and managed in an integrated platform. This includes the ability to choose whether either corrective or remedial actions are required, and to manage these.

Q-Smart Task Manager

Q-Smart Task Manager is the mechanism through which business tasks are managed on a day-to-day basis. Q-Smart Task Manage involves planning, testing, tracking, and reporting that helps to work efficiently and to reduce waste. Q-Smart Task Manager can be integrated into supplier environments.

Q-SMART Business enables you to be ISO Compliant

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