Q-Smart Apps

Move your business into the digital age and be competitive

in the 4th Industrial Revolution

with a fully integrated suite  of applications.

Q-Smart Supplychain MANAGER

Accurate management of goods and services that helps to control all the processes from transformation of raw materials into final product. Warehousing and Logistics are also an integrated features under supply chain.


Systematic and structured methodology to manage complexity by decomposing the projects into smaller, understandable components. Multiple Q-Smart Projects are typically associated with one client or owner.

Q-SMart FinancIAL Manager

Q-Smart Financial Manager integrates with your financial system. Q-Smart Financial Manager Integrates with Odoo which provides seamless operations and financial management in one environment. 

Q-Smart SHE Manager

Q-Smart SHE manager provides the framework to support Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) management activities such as incident management, non conformance identification and management as well as statutory reporting. 

Q-Smart Product Life Cycle Manager

Q-Smart PLM is designed to identify manage and control your product defining information throughout the lifecycle of the product. Q-Smart PLM copes with complex engineering challenges associated with the developing and maintaining of  products.  PLM is one of the cornerstones of a manufacturing business. 



Q-Smart Customer Relationship Manager  is an advanced CRM management solution for managing your sales funnel. The primary objective is to manage and orchestrate the company’s marketing and sales effort which converts business ideas from orders through to contracts.

Q-Smart Maintenance Manager

Q-smart Maintenance Manager is designed to identify, manage and control all your assets throughout the lifecycle of the assets. Q-Smart Maintenance provides for the identification, management and control of asset maintenance plans and procedures. Q-Smart is used for tracking of all the service activities, costs and schedules. Q-Smart provides for both planned and unplanned maintenance activities.

Q-Smart Production Manager

Q-Smart Production Manager ensure that manufacturing processes run reliably and efficiently. Q-Smart integrates product BOM’s with production processes.

 Q-Smart Production Manager provides for the scheduling, management and control of work through the factory as well as the reporting and tracking of production activities, throughput, scrap and rework as well as costs.

Q-Smart HR Manager

Q-Smart Human Resources Manager is designed to plan, coordinate, and direct the human resource administrative functions of an organization such as onboarding, job descriptions, performance management. It provides necessary requirements and structure to oversee the recruiting, interviewing, and hiring of new staff; consult with top executives on strategic planning; and serve as a link between an organization’s management and its employees.

Q-SMART Quality Manager

Q-Smart Quality Manager is designed for the management, monitoring and control of quality control activities. Q-Smart provides for the design and deployment of quality, audit and check list templates for application throughout the business. These check list are designed for product, manufacturing and business process activities.


Q-Smart Apps are fully cloud based system.

Q-Smart Apps can be integrated into your existing software.

Q-Smart is a user friendly system.

Customized workflow as per your business processes.

Q-Smart gives high accuracy  and efficiency.

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