DMS is a Proud Partner of Betty Blocks
Build innovative and smart applications with Betty Blocks to enable more of your workforce to build applications with the #1 No-Code platform for enterprises.

Build Complex Apps Without Coding

Through using the Betty Blocks Application we have been able to build complex applications three times faster without the hassle and struggle of code.

Radically Shorten Time To Market

No matter How big or small the application we have found that Betty Blocks ensures that your ideas are developed quickly so that you can send to it market.

Empower Your Developer Workforce

Everyone in our company who are using Betty Blocks are able to work much faster and create more complex functions in a fraction of the time thanks to Betty Blocks.

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The future of our App development

First Truly No-Code

Betty Blocks is honestly one of the first and best No-Code development platforms we have used. We can build the most applications without writing a single line of code. 

User Friendly

We have found that Betty Blocks is an incredibly user-friendly development application which can be learned and used by anyone, even someone who has no prior coding knowledge. 

Fast & Easy

By using visual modeling in Betty Blocks we have increased our output by almost 80% and because the applications are saved in the cloud everyone who is working on the project have access anytime and can work on the project simultaneously.

Hands of man working on laptop
Web Application Developer Desk

Empowering builders

Drag & Drop Interface Builder

Through using the Rapid drag and drop feature in Betty Blocks we can easily build every application page from header to footer and instantly see how it looks on mobile, tablet and desktop as well.

Visual modeling

Instead of using complex code we can quickly and easily use the drag-and-drop interface in Betty Blocks to process and manage data easily through visual modeling. Its fast, easy and has endless possibilities.

Easy Integrations

Betty Blocks can connect almost everything you need and can easily integrate with all kinds of web services like Slack, Twitter or Ideal. The platform can fit into every IT landscape to improve their systems.

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