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User Friendly

Palladium's Point of Sale is incredibly user friendly and easy to implement and configure. From Account Processing to Gift card payments, navigation in the system is completely intuitive.

Offline POS

The new POS functionality has been enhanced with an “Offline” capability where the system will still be able to work where there is no connection to the Server and will then update to the server when the connection is available again.

Integrated Accounting

Palladium POS is integrated with Palladium Premium Accounting. All accounting functions are integrated into a single application. This means that there is no need to duplicate information from one system to another. As a result, your business receives accurate real time financial information.

Cloud Reporting

Palladium Offline POS Provides Cloud reporting software that allows your business to leave outdated reporting strategies behind. Palladium's Powerful servers in the Cloud run reports against a cloud based data with user friendly dashboards, allowing users to run powerful reports on demand.

Mobile Stock Management

An android and iOS-based Palladium application that provides users a way to manage GRVs, Pick Tickets, Stock Takes as well as Warehouse and Bin Transfers. Users can access live Palladium databases ensuring that inventory data is always current and accurate.

Modern SQL Database

Stable, secure relational SQL databases means that your data is completely secure and will not be corrupted by unstable technology. With Palladium, you will never have to make a backup before processing transactions ever again.

Palladium Premium
Offline POS
(Monthly Subscription)

Palladium Premium

R447 / user

(premium accounting license)


R200 / Terminal

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