Presenting ISO 9001 Processes


Marketing Team on 23 Oct 2019

A system that makes your business better

Companies worldwide are faced with challenges that require them to maximize on the management efficiency of their organization in order to avoid risks and uncertainties. For many business owners and senior management, ISO standards are complicated and difficult to manage because of limited knowledge and understanding of its processes and benefits.

An effective quality management system (QMS) enables your business to plan out and execute procedures and policies that will meet your customers’ needs and expectations. The aim of ISO 9001 standards is to provide businesses with a workable management system that is suitable for the organization and its customers.

A game changer in this challenging process of implementation and management, is a fully automated online system, available on users smartphones and devices, that guides users through all the complexities, and gives access to every authorized staff member in real time and instantaneously available. This ensures all changes are managed in one place, and there is only one up to date version accessible to everyone that needs it!

A robust software system allows you to achieve this in one place and across a variety of platforms. This system also comes with highly valuable easy to understand eLearning modules, that guides users through their ISO processes.

Why is this so great? This multi-functionality reduces data redundancy levels because all the information is stored and maintained in one place! Furthermore, end users are better able to engage and access data, and saves you on maintenance costs. You will have much more control over processes, which will enable you to streamline them and reduce inefficiencies and other issues that waste time and money. No more emails with attached spreadsheets, and documents, and always wondering which was the latest version!

Here are some other important benefits of such a system: 

• Improves communication and reporting 
• Allows for better internal management 
• Increases productivity, efficiency and profit 
• Outcomes are better monitored and managed 
• Maintenance takes place on one platform 
• Processes are updated and distributed automatically

With DMS, you can present ISO 9001 standards in one environment which can be easily accessed by your employees and customers.